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From Cameo to Star, Jelly Beans Get the Spotlight

Jewish Exponent: I always find it amazing that so many foods that are specifically created for holidays other than the Jewish ones are so often kosher-certified. Take the jelly bean for example. The origin of the jelly bean is unknown but it is believed to have ...

Cheers! How to make a jelly bean cocktail She shares a cocktail recipe with Kathie Lee and Hoda that will help get rid of all those leftover jelly beans from last weekend. Directions Separate all the jelly beans by color. (Hint: Yellow and purple don't work as well as orange, red and pink ...

Jelly Belly debuts first beer-flavored jelly bean

Jelly Belly debuted its latest flavor over the weekend: Draft Beer.

Yezz's unlocked, 5-inch Andy AC5 smartphone

Starting at $219, the Andy AC5 features a 5-inch display, Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, and a 13-megapixel camera.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2: Android 4.4.2 KitKat Update Still Due, Android 4.3

Android Geeks: Android 4.3 Jelly Bean continues rolling out on more Samsung Galaxy Note 2 devices, but Android 4.4.2 KitKat is still missing in action. It seems like all Galaxy Note 2 smartphones will soon be updated to Jelly Bean, as Samsung is preparing to start ...

Oppo N1 - Cyanogenmod Android

Oppo is a Chinese-based handset manufacturer and a relatively new player in the international smartphone arena. While it has been manufacturing and releasing phones in China since 2008, it is only now starting to make waves internationally with the release of the N1,  The N1 includes a number of unique features, such as a swiveling 13MP camera, which can be rotated to the front of the phone for ...

Beyond the Green Screen: Making a Difference on Earth Day

There are a handful of nationally recognized holidays and if you look hard enough you can find hundreds more bizarre...

For National Jelly Bean Day, make these cool candy-studded desserts

Like any food "holiday," National Jelly Bean Day—April 22—is mainly an excuse to indulge in the namesake vice all day long. But how much candy can you really eat in one day? (Don't answer that!) Muster your willpower and set a few jelly beans aside to make these cheerful, candy-flecked sweets.


Earwax, beer and buttered popcorn: America's taste for jelly beans

Bangor Daily News: Do you have any idea what Americans buy 16 billion of each year? This product even has its own holiday celebrated on April 22. I have to admit this was news to me. I was not aware that National Jelly Bean Day existed. One of the most popular flavors ...


Happy Easter! Jelly Bean Milk and Easter Eggnog Hits Stores

Cambio: We're not quite sure if we want to kick off the holiday with a hearty glass of Jelly Bean milk, but it does exist, with Hiland Dairy Foods and Prairie Farms serving up that and Easter Eggnog in select grocery stores around the country. Jelly Bean Milk ...

Just In Time To Ruin Easter: Jelly Bean Milk and Springtime Eggnog

Geekosystem: Easter is a confusing holiday, guys. As if religion and a bunny who hides chicken eggs aren't complicated enough, apparently there's also a veritable cornucopia of truly weird seasonal dairy drinks to guzzle in celebration. Most alarming? Jellybean ...

Just In Time To Ruin Easter: Jelly Bean Milk and Springtime Eggnog

I personally think the Jelly Bean Milk offered by Hiland sounds like the most gag-inducing of all the weird Easter beverages apparently on the market, although considering the undisputed deliciousness of post-cereal milk, ...

Just in Time for Easter, Jelly Bean Milk is a Thing - Jezebel

Apparently, the universe hates me more than I thought it did, because a company is now selling two products that look like something out of my personal House of Horrors.


SHORE TO SHORE: Black jelly beans are awesome

Finger Lakes Times: I stopped in for lunch at Maria's Flower Petal Café in Geneva recently and, while perusing the wall menu, noticed two small jelly-bean bowls on the counter … one filled with the typical rainbow assortment of colors, the other chock full of black ones ...

Peeps for breakfast and no jelly beans during Mass

No jelly beans during Mass, either. We thought we were sneaky. But proof was our sweaty, chubby little hands being covered by a film of red, purple and black from nervously holding onto those beans too long. A little dab'll do ya. Easter was the one ...

Our Easter Basket Parade - with Peeps, Mike & Ike Jelly Beans and Goldberg's

Inside the basket were Peeps; Mike & Ike Easter treats jelly beans (new to us); Mike & Ike assorted fruits Jelly Beans; Mike and Ike Tangy Twister Jelly Beans and a very new cool dark chocolate Goldenberg's Peanut chews but in a new bite size. When the ...

April 22 is National Jelly Bean Day | Foodimentary - National Food

Interesting Food Facts about Jelly Bean They were President Reagan's favorite candy and he used them to help him quit smoking when he was the governor of California. Each year in the U.S, there are 16 billion jelly beans  ...

What Your Favorite Jelly Bean Color Says About You

I love red jelly beans and that must mean something! Check out the reason why we favor one jelly bean over another..


For National Jelly Bean Day: The 9 nastiest Jelly Belly flavors ever created

Guyism: Today, April 22nd, is National Jelly Bean Day. So to help you get the most bang out of your, uh, beans, here are nine horrific Jelly Belly flavors to avoid at all cost today. Now don't get me wrong, Jelly Bellys are one of my top favorite candies of ...


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