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Update Wednesday roundup: Docs, Slides, Sheets, & more updated, Android for

9 to 5 Google: The feature is built into Lollipop, so this app only really applies to Jelly Bean users. It's available on the Play Store for free. Finally, Google also today released an update to Inbox on Android, bumping the app to version 1.6. The update includes ...

The New Jelly Belly Jelly Bean Flavor Makes Us Crave Breakfast

The Daily Meal: Who doesn't love jelly beans? They're are an Easter staple, but Jelly Belly wants to prove that they can be enjoyed all year long with the release, post-Easter, of the newest official Jelly Belly flavor. Drum roll, please… welcome to the sugary Jelly ...

Nexus 4 Receiving Android 5.1 Lollipop Now

We find it pretty impressive that Google updated the Nexus 4 to Android 5.0 Lollipop back in November, after-all the handset is nearly three years old. Of course, one of the perks of the stock Android Nexus smartphones is that they are Google's babies and always first in line for new Android builds. The same goes for the Android 5.1 Lollipop roll out, which is now making its way to the aging LG ...

India’s 122 Languages A Tongue-Twister For Mobile Startups; How Ola Cabs, Google Cope Where Only 10% Speak English

BANGALORE, India -- Babajan is one of thousands of drivers who offer what has become the most popular way for harried urban professionals to get around this tech hub in southern India: on a motorized three-wheeler known as an auto rickshaw. Until recently, one of the biggest problems for the 40-year-old, who has little in the way of formal education, was booking trips in English -- a language he ...

Benefit breakfast to showcase new Jelly Belly flavor

FAIRFIELD — Jelly Belly Candy Company will celebrate National Jelly Bean Day with a breakfast that features the launch of the company's newest jelly bean flavor. The event is a fundraiser for Napa Valley Tour de Cure and the American Diabetes ...

1-2 KNOW: Convertible laptop

ASUS has just announced its Transformer Book Flip, which is a stylish, innovative and affordable laptop that runs on Windows 8.1.

OK, Google: Android can now unlock your phone when it hears your voice

The voice unlock feature has not been officially announced by Google, but has begun to appear on some Android Handsets. It allows users to unlock their phone simply by saying 'OK Google'.

How smart is the Micromax 4K TV?

This 42-incher runs Android Jelly Bean and has a customised app store.


The 5 Grossest Jelly Belly Flavors Ever

The Daily Meal: Jelly Belly is best known for its super tasty premium jelly beans, which are made with natural ingredients and tend to really taste like whatever the jelly bean flavor is. This can be very useful when the flavor in questions is, say, pear or watermelon ...

You'll Get No Alcoholic Kick From Champagne-Flavored Jelly Beans

NPR (blog): This Easter, you can toast the Bunny with the newest jelly bean flavor from industry giant Jelly Belly: champagne. (Don't get your hopes up — the champagne bean is alcohol-free.) But it's not as if jelly beans even need a boozy boost to attract customers.


Jelly Belly Introduces Pancakes & Maple Syrup Jelly Beans

Wake up and smell the pancakes with Pancakes & Maple Syrup Jelly Belly® jelly beans. The newest flavor from Jelly Belly Candy Company captures the warm, buttery flavor of a pancake topped with rich maple syrup whipped together in a single Jelly Belly ...

Jelly Belly Introduces Pancakes & Maple Syrup Jelly Beans

New Flavor Debuts in honor of National Jelly Bean Day, April 22 (PRWeb April 13, 2015) Read the full story at


Five for Foodies: Five ways to use up jelly beans Try this recipe for a Jelly Bean-tini, though you'll need three days to prepare. Pour a bottle of the vineyards' Vidal Blanc in a container with 2 Tablespoons of white, pink and yellow jelly beans in it. Let it sit for three days. Once the wine is ...

Ah, savor the bittersweet flavor of Easter jelly beans past It is Easter Sunday morning in the early '70s. I have quietly crawled out of bed at sunrise to scope out the Easter baskets that my poor, sleep-deprived mother prepared last night and left in the living room. She gives credit to the Easter Bunny. No ...

Ah, savor the bit tersweet flavor of Easter jelly beans past It is Easter Sunday morning in the early '70s. I have quietly crawled out of bed at sunrise to scope out the Easter baskets that my poor, sleep-deprived mother prepared last night and left in the living room. She gives credit to the Easter Bunny. No ...

Tammy Kelly: Lighten up traditional Easter desserts

When you remember think back to Easter from your childhood, you may remember that you always got a new dress and shoes, or you may remember eating a basket of jelly beans and chocolate eggs, but as we get older, it’s the traditional Sunday lunch, and especially the desserts.

What Chefs Want in Their Easter Baskets

From jelly beans to Peeps, 11 celebrated chefs share what tempts their sweet tooth.


New dev stats show KitKat and Jelly Bean power 4 in 5 Android devices

AndroidGuys: The Android Developers platform reveals that more than 4 in 5 devices run on KitKat and Jelly Bean. Specifically, they account for 82.1% of devices with nearly an even split between the codenames. This data reflects only those devices running the ...

KitKat and Lollipop running almost half of all Android devices

Almost 50 percent of Android smartphones and tablets accessing the Google Play store are running Android version 4.4 or 5.0.

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